Recommended Spots for Your Second Kitchen Sink

Do you have a plan to add a second sink in your kitchen? Do you have no idea where the right place to put it? If you have an intention to create a second kitchen sink but feels confused about the placement, let’s check it out the answer in this article.

Second kitchen sink becomes a big help when you are cooking with your friend or your family. By placing it in the perfect spot, your meal preparation or dish washing will be much easier and faster, no matter how big or small your kitchen is. The cook helper or your assistant also will be thankful to you because of the accurate second sink placement. The first kitchen spot is next to the first kitchen sink.

You do not have to find another further place to install your second sink. The second sink does not have to have a different style or different size. You can pick the exact model with the primary one. The second placement is on the kitchen island. The kitchen island is the favorite place for most kitchen designers since it is outside the main preparation area. Moreover, it is easily accessible, especially for the cook helper. If your kitchen does not have an island, but a peninsula, you can also place the second island there.

Peninsula is like an island but it is still connected to the main workstation. The peninsula has an advantage that both of the hosts and the guests can use it freely. The other choices depend on what your passion in cooking sector is. If you like baking, and then put the second sink in the baking area. If you love mixing beverages and call the neighbors to taste it, then sink in wet bar is the right choice.


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