Having Small Laundry Room without Worry with Smallest Stackable Washer Dryer

Some people thing that it is not a proper style to have a small laundry room as they have large family in a home. It must be true in the past because all the furniture added in the room have already full the space like the washing machine, cabinetry, closet and also the dryer. However, age has changed, and innovation has been found. A smallest stackable washer dryer is a cool design that you have to own in a small laundry room!

The first one is the smallest stackable washer dryer which take style side by side. It looks nice in white color beneath a light board for ironing. In addition, with a small upper cabinet above the board, you can store many stuff. I am really thankful to the white closet aside!

Then, a vertical set of smallest stackable washer dryer minimize the need of the space with gorgeous plan. It takes the spot beneath a small cabinet with recessed room below. There is also a set of cabinetry with black top and yellow accent. This laundry room is even gorgeous with storage bin beneath the cabinet!

Double smallest stackable washer dryer looks stylish with green chevron cloth added beneath the cabinet. It is nice to color the neutral all white tone the room, so you will never be bored to do the laundry even alone!

Another one looks tidy to fill the wooden cabinetry. It is also stunning with bookshelves aside the smallest stackable washer dryer. So, it is not a boring room, but you can read a book too while washing all the linen that you have!

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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