New! Stained Glass Internal Doors in Edwardian and Victorian Styles

Perhaps, just few people know about Edwardian and Victorian internal doors. In this article, we will review briefly about these two styles of internal doors, especially the stained glass internal doors which are manufactured in Victorian and Edwardian styles. The doors are produced using two options of solid wooden: Southern yellow pines and pitch pines. Take a look at the whole design of doors; they are so unique, beautiful, and brand new. Their frosted and stained glass garnishes the doors’ body.

Most of Edwardian or Victorian-styled internal doors are completed with fitted glasses; they can be replaced with other stained glasses as you like. The installation of new stained glass should be done by professionals in order to get the best installation. The motifs or patterns can be chosen and applied on non-stained glass. The professionals will do it for you. Just select the motif of staining that you like. Please take the note that select one that is available in motif lists.

Stained glass interior doors which are produced in Edwardian and Victorian styles are available in several models. The models include the doors with 4 glass panels, half-way stained glass panels, vestibule glass doors with stained glass, vestibule doors with colored glass, half glazed-Victorian interior doors with 4 glass panels, London plain or shaker cottage-styled interior doors, half-way stained glass London plain/ shaker cottage door-style doors, and many more.

Both Edwardian and Victorian stained glass interior doors use natural color schemes for the pines (the solid woods which are used as the main materials of interior doors). If you want to add another color for the solid pine, the best optional color schemes you can select are the neutral colors like brown, black, or white.


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