Make Your Own Standing Desk

Working is your main activities to get salary for living. If you are an office worker who sitting all day on your chair, surely it is not comfortable. Some observations said that sitting too long in recent time will kill you. That’s why in every hour you work, you need to relax for a while from your office chair. It is an usual problem for those who works everyday in front of their office table.

You can not always get up every time you work o relax, it is not flexible and it will hold up you to finish your deadline job. Keeping your body healthy and fresh can be done by using standing desk. Standing desk is a simple furniture and solution for your body. You may use it for your office table. Another thing about standing desk is about its price, it is not cheap at all.

If there is something you can make by your own self, you need to try it. Be creative is very useful, especially if you want to reduce your budget of buying something. You don’t have to buy a standing desk, you can make it by yourself with correct instruction. Make your own standing desk is easy and simple, do the step one by one carefully to get perfect result.

Measure your height, table height, and distance between your eyes and computer screen. You can use your wall as a place to stick your desk. Moreover, you can try to create standing desk area use your book shelf. Many options are available, depends on how your plan to make your own standing desk.


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