Statera Restaurant: Inspiring Modern-Style Dining Space with Chunky Concrete & Greenery Exposed

Statera restaurant exterior exposing concrete walls and floors wood exterior door dramatic tree Dezeen

What do you think when you see amazing mini garden on top of the dining space? And this really happens in Statera Restaurant in Lima. It’s a fact that this restaurant is unique. Inspired by modern style, the façade is dominated by chunky concrete with greenery highlights. Rooftop gardens here are becoming the statements where we can not only enjoy the restaurant’s gastronomy, but also can be impressed by the design. Simply from the design, we can see that this restaurant also exposes a balance look that focuses on modern-minimalist style and nature exposure. Let join with us to see more details of this gorgeous restaurant.

We will find an ornate stones that are actually just the ornaments but they can represent the real nature involvement in this modern restaurant.

Overall, this dining room obviously shows a modern minimalist style. It simply can be seen from the physical look of each interior piece (like the furniture) and interior façade. The use of glass panels are the real one.

From this idea, it’s clear that concrete material applied on walls has rich texture and tone; this allows the space to have the authentic character in modern look. When it’s collaborated with the natural wood (on floors), the space creates a good balance, and it seems that this room offers a complete art of architecture: style and nature in the same frame.

The lighting is definitely modern, showcasing a minimal yet stylish look, and the ‘bridges’ that are actually the huge concrete planters for greenery look like the exposed concrete beams seen from the base.

Statera has fabulous exterior design and it uses two main materials, concrete and hard wood, to fill the front face of the restaurant. Generally, the exterior is simple yet modern; the designer just wants to expose a cube-like exterior with a dried-like tree as the statement.

In this corner, I find just a little brutalism, particularly on the sinks that seem like broken or unused ones. The round mirrors mounted on the wall also attract me instantly. They add the dramatic and functional wall décor. The hidden lighting partly framing this single wall also gives a modern touch to this open space.

Look at the rooftop gardens; they are beautifully cool, successfully offering special nuance to this restaurant. At least they can bring mini nature to this modern public space.

The greenery existed in these ‘bridges’ creates different concept when they are featured with such a modern construction. It’s refreshing the whole space and of course it offers a beautiful view to all visitors.

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