‘Styling’ Your Interior With This Adoring Staircase List

ultra modern interior staircase made of concrete oak plank supported with steel mesh railing system Pinterest

Contemporary design includes glass uses, large windows, unique or odd shapes, and cozy features. With this style, you can get the best look to remodel your staircase. You’ll never regret about this since the contemporary style will transform your old staircase into an eclectic and stylish appearance. Even, you’re unconsciously building a focal point of room where you can also add other ornate wainscotings and moldings outside the staircase. Need to know more about the ideas of contemporary staircase for interior? Here is the list.

Need an easy and simple staircase to make? Concrete staircase is the best answer. Concrete staircase is also cool and stylish, really exposing the typical character of hard texture and tone.

Warm wood staircase in minimalist design. Its visualization gives us a charm especially when we’re stepping our feet on each stair-step. Feature the staircase with crisp white walls and light wood floors for clean look interior. Inspiring.

Just put the industrial details if you really love raw and basic interior style. It’s very common to feature the heavy staircase with another hard and heavy-textured finish like concrete (for walls and floors). Hanging greenery sounds nice for the complement as well as the vivid statement of room.

Hardwood staircase featuring thin wire railing system. Overall design looks minimalist and stylish. It also brings a bit industrial touch after bare concrete walls becomes the background.  I personally love the gloss black wood floors that gives a contrasting visual effect against all objects around.

ultra modern staircase in lower profile large glass windows


Ultra-modern open-space with industrial look. The staircase offers a cool style in which it showcases a low-profile design (seemingly the safer and cozier to step on). Its low-profile railing system here allows you to enjoy the view outside through the large glass windows.

Fantastic lighting idea for staircase. This idea can be an instant way to create a room statement simply through such a beautiful staircase. Without railing system, the staircase looks minimalist and clean lines. The lighting effect appearing rightly behind the steps adds sparkling look to each wood step-board, bringing the warm visualization.

wood staircase with huge sized book shelving as its 'raililing system'


Impressive staircase! Here you’ll find a huge-size bookshelving unit rightly beside the staircase. While walking down/ up to different floor, you’ll be amazed with lots of favorite book collections. More importantly, the book shelves also can be double-functional item like a room divider maybe.

Obviously, the staircase is chic and simple, making itself as a room statement particularly when you’re featuring it with something decorative and functional like these round-shaped glass windows. The designer deliberately puts some round-shaped glass windows on wall exactly beside the staircase for ornate lighting effect resulted by those window units. Inspiring.

Spiral staircase idea made of light wood. Seen from its basic material, the staircase really fits all Scandinavian-style interiors. Its beautiful design inspires people who obviously love a minimalist yet stunning unit of interior staircase. This is also a space-efficient interior piece.

About the staircase, the designer brilliantly uses zigzag one made of bare concrete that connets the floors. Each second step is coated with oak plank, visually serves warm and natural tone. Large-size steel mesh needs to install as the protective railing system, so the staircase will definitely provides a safety floor-access.

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