Stylish Living Room Offers a Piece of Heaven Part

Is there any plan that you gonna have to welcome the winter? Do you want to escape from the four seasons country running to the tropical one? Of course, in this holy month will waste your togetherness with family if you spend it abroad, but you have the chance if you want. Dealing with winter is not only wearing multiple clothes including bold winter coat along with the faux sheepskin fur around the neck. A stylish living room design will save you with warmth and intimacy!

During the winter, you need more food to accompany your leisure as there are no many things that you should do in the cold season. This case pushes you to have a close living room to kitchen, or you can make it in a room with no divider. A stylish living room kitchen is a new idea to bring the nuance of freedom, casuality, and of course comfortable way of live.

The idea of living room kitchen design is best presented by the spacious cream retreat with its sophisticated furniture attacking here and there. With semi open plan, the living room that extends directly to the balcony offers more than soft sofa to sit on, but the view outside!

Further, most urban people deserve a large living room design without to many stuff but a single couch with a small end table facing the floor to ceiling glass window. Yeah, this is the way they find new relaxing spot in the house with full of serenity and contemplation. Completing the design doesn’t need many but a large bookshelves to nerd inside!


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