Stylish Small Bar Ideas

Discussing about bar for small space, there are several recommended bar designs you can adopt to your home. Each design offers attractive and functional design, especially for you who love drinking spot and conversation spot as well. To overcome your curiosity, take a look at the following stylish small bar ideas.

Art bar is one of most favorite small bar ideas for the homeowners in some busy and big cities in USA, such as New York and East Hampton. The bars are designed for an artist, Richard Woods. The bar is meant to work Richard’s fun. One spot taking people’s interest is the bar’s wine rack that is transformed into a vivid wine closet with marvelous focal point. It’s extremely artistic, fun, and just one-kind in this world.

Barmoire is next beautiful small bar idea that is also constructed in a house in New York. Gray Daves from Meyer Davis Studio is the designer. He puts ‘Barmoire’ as the best bar serving the best drinks. Windowsill and Home Bar are not less attractive than previously small bar ideas. Windowsill is designed in one of busiest cities in Rome, while Home Bar is very popular as stylish mini bar in Manhattan Apartment. Home Bar is Amanda Nisbet’s masterpiece.

Hi book lovers, Bookcase Bar idea seems to be your next fav corner of reading while relaxing and drinking. The bar shows an antique bookcase and bar as well. This bar idea can be discovered in Manhattan Apartment and is designed by Jim Howard and Phoebe. The glassware collections are William Yeoward Crystal’s collections.


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