Succulent Planter to Make Awesome Indoor Garden

Living in a house with beautiful decoration is no different with living in a natural space with hammock stacked on two shady trees, so fresh and appealing! If you want to bring the nuance of outdoor to indoor, there are various ways that you can do. First, you can have some potted plants in the house. then, some herb gardens are too tempting to ignore, and you are even allowed to make such cute succulent planter at home. Are you interested? You can look at several designs below!

With some small pots,you can reveal your creativity with succulant planter. Yeah, put the pots each on a plate, of course a small plate. Then, you have to plant some indoor plants like cactus, shrub, or even herbs. Plotting the pots in the room with different level using books or any base will make the outlook getting more and more stunning!

The unique thing from succulent idea is that you can shape beautiful plot in a pot! Yeah, it is a new idea to create new world in a small pot. Like the one in the green pot, you can see a pathway with super tiny pave and the plants like cactus, aloevera and also some artificial mushroom.

Serving a super large plate of small planter is also nice to held a great attracting spot in the house. make sure, that you take some colorful pots as well as plants, so the total look will be like the fusion of color and plants in a hot plate!


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