10 Clever Ideas How To Spice Up The Abandoned Attics

a couple of single bed frames with white linen center dresser wood plank walls and ceilings in white exposed wood beams on ceilings

Attic is one of attractive parts of house where it usually vacant or unused. Even most people often associate it with a secret room. In fact, an attic has the unique shape (slanted ceiling with huge skylight on ceiling), potentially being a perfect space for bedroom maybe. Re-designing the attic


10 Cool Attic Designs for More Usable Space

small attic bedroom for twin kids classic styled twin beds in white turquoise rug exposed wood ceiling beams white wall and floor

Attic is commonly kept as the empty space, but most people in current days prefer using it as more usable space like attic bedrooms, storage, or even seating corner for fun conversation. With plenty of natural light, this space is recommended for most-used rooms with cozy feel. The attics are