Dream of A Bedroom-Library? Get Inspired by These Creative Bookcase Designs for Your Home

simply vertical bookcase in turquoise

For most maniacs of book, having a separated space for private library is a big dream and I personally really know this would be a fantastic experience of reading in such space with a dreamy atmosphere. Unfortunately, just a few book nerds have such dream library to accommodate their huge


Some Perfect Home Library to Feed Your Reading Appetite

Reading is not far from eating. Yeah, it involves your eagerness, mood, and of course your appetite to finish page by page like a spoonful of rice for each. To save the time as well your energy, having a home library is a cool idea. so, without walking bit further


Home Library Design

Reading is one of great hobby. You can get more knowledge by reading books. People will go to public library at their town to get some information that they need or buy some books for their own self. Surely, readers are like to have their own books and as time