Tall House Plants for Indoor: The Most Recommended Ones

Many reasons why we are recommended to put tall house plants as interior decoration. One of the reasons is that a tall indoor plant gives the special feeling of shelter. A tall indoor plant also helps to create the feeling of nature existence at indoor spaces. A tall plant placed at indoor space adds aesthetic value. The room looks so fresh, vivid, and peaceful. And the most reasonable thing is that any kinds of indoor plants (small, tall, or medium-sized plants) contribute fresh air circulation inside the room.

Many homeowners now have been attracted on tall house plants. They use these giant plants as decorative pieces for their indoor space. If you are also interested in having similar decorative plants, here we share five most recommended plants that can grow up perfectly as tall plants. The first plant is Dracaenas. It is one of the most popular indoor plants. It comes in wide verities of size and shape. Indoor plant lovers like this plant because it is inexpensive and easy to care for. Moreover, it is also tolerable over any indoor conditions, including low lighting.

Second most recommended tall house plant for indoor is palm. People previously say that palm is outdoor plant type, but the fact says that palm can also be applied as indoor plant as well. Just select the right palm because few of them can grow quite tall. Ficus is next recommended tall indoor plant. Ficus benjamina is often used as decorative plant for office. It is expensive and easy to discover.

Schefflera and norfolk pine are the two next tall house plants for indoor. Both are readily available and cheap. They are also easy to care for. Schefflera is type of decorative plant that loves dry-environment for growing up. It needs direct sunlight. Use dry soil as the media of planting Schefflera tall house plants. Also, be sure that the temperature is above 50 degrees F.

Reference: www.ambius.com

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