Spacious Teenage Boys Room Design Ideas

Decorating teenage boys room allow you to explore your creativity because you will be challenged to make your boys feel comfortable without making them bored while staying in their room. You should know that boys room is like a private space where they can do whatever they want especially when they need to be alone. Therefore, you must be sure that the decoration of the room suit with your boys expectation and with this, you need to ask them first before you decide to decorate their room.

As a young boy quite lazy to clean up their room, you need to decorate the room as flexible as you can. Placing several pieces of furniture can be the wrong choice because it may reduce the space which is of course distracting your kids’ activity in the room. You need to consider space-saving storage that can functionally save the space. There are so many pieces of furniture that can help you to create spacious room such as pull-out bed which can be stored against the wall. You can also opt to have bunk bed which is completed with built-in storage.

You may find that cabinet is too big for the room but you can still find another way to manage your boys’ stuff. Installing open shelves on the wall is a brilliant idea because it can be both, functionally as storage place and practically as wall decoration. For the teenage boys room theme, you can personally ask your young boys about their personal preferences so that they will eager to help you in decorating the room.


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