Add Eclectic Nuance to Your Bedroom just with These Ten Inspiring Art Deco Bedrooms

blue wallpaper gold toned antique chinese cabinets wooden bed frame with curly headboard wooden bedside tables traditional rug nature view hand painting with thin frame wall mounted lamps Kati Curtis Design

Visual arts exactly influence all aspects, including architecture and home design. It begins with the emergence of art style that then broadly develops during early 20th century and becomes more popular in 1940s. The style exposes some particular characteristics easily to recognize. The characteristics include the polished woods, mirrored furnishings, glass and chrome uses, mirror tiles, angular and geometric shapes, natural motifs (like flowers, shells, and sun), and mixture of satin and fur. To see this style clearer, below I’ve collected ten ideas of Art Deco applied on bedrooms, most private space for most people. Find the best art decor bedrooms that probably can be your inspiration.

An inspiring Art Deco bedroom accented with black and white photographs. In addition, expensive satin and luxurious silk makes this bedroom so sexy and superb.

This bedroom seems like China-inspired one. Take a look at the pillow choice; it’s really antique Chinese pillow (just a roll pillow) and the motif used in bed linen is also the same, Chinese influence. The wall decor is also interesting. The fabrics on window curtains obviously represents what the Art Deco is (garnished with flowers).

Elegant Art Deco bedroom – It is inspired by Middle-East architecture. The arched ‘door’ is adopted from most Middle-East constructions, especially the mosques. The designer adds special color and texture created from diamond-cut shapes. A couple of glowing gold bedside tables have a role as the functional furnishings as well as the luxurious decorative pieces.

Automotive pieces can also be your inspiration in creating a creative Art Deco for your bedroom. Like this arts, they’re so masculine and suits manly men’s bedrooms. But girls, if you also take much interest in automotive, it’s freely to adopt, too.

A colorful master bedroom. It fits an active & young couple. The wallpaper creates intimacy and softness, and its vintage-style furnishing pieces bring shimmer look. Gold-toned antique cabinets also add a precious value.

Natural motif is one of most used Art Deco’s characteristics for homes. This hand painting, for example, clearly exposes the natural element and it artfully garnishes this bedroom. Low-lighted table lamps and wall color assist the creation of warm and intimate nuance, while a blue ottoman with gold-toned accent spices up the space, giving a richer look.

Simple but so elegant & comfy- This is a guest room with artistic Art Deco created by the skillful artist. Just focus on the artwork, it simply invite us to keep staring at. It’s so beautiful. Its gold scheme perfectly suits as the flowers’ background.

contemporary bedroom with minimalist art decors contemporary bed frame with integrated headboard and bedside tables white shug rug asian inspired table lamps


Contemporary bedroom design with minimalist Art Deco. I just find several art decors in this room; they’re made in minimalist look (color, texture, and even details).

The designer adds a chaise lounge as an obsession of all things related to Art Deco (particularly the Art Deco’s hallmark found right after the discovery of old Egyptian tomb in 1920s). The chaise lounge looks so antique in design, but re-make in more contemporary appearance.

Art Deco is the balance and symmetry. With focal point addition in your bedroom, implement the same layout of all things (wall decors, bedside tables, and table lamps) in either side of your bed (to create an obvious symmetry and balance).

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