Ten Inspiring Designs of Mid Century Modern Light Fixtures, the Great Options for more Glam but Simple Homes

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mid century modern dining room giant decorative R in blue industrial dining furniture wood reclaimed floors small planthouse in pots Studio Jamieson

Some people say that mid century trends have run out. It is true but when the trends are combined with modern touch, they’re gonna be most stylish ones.

Mid century modern lighting is just one of mid century modern’s trends now often used especially for modern or contemporary home designs. There are a lot of options of products displayed via online. Here are ten inspiring designs of mid century modern lighting probably will inspire you. Treat yourself to see the photos.

Well, it’s the right and ideal height to hang the pendant over. The pendant looks like a lantern with a little bit modern touch. Its shade of light is perfect for illuminating the dining space. When the light is turned on, its light effect will enlighten exactly on white-surface table, making the table stands out more and more.

Unique product – the industrial whisks pendants. They are so stunning with their unique design.

Adding a ceiling’s focal point like this low glow of pendants is an instant way to achieve a romantic feel. Select the repetitive lights over the dining table like this idea.

A vintage-inspired pendant in refreshing yellow lemon shade. This light fixture, of course, contributes in enriching the colors existed in the room.

Awesome! The cluster of stylish vintage pendants here ensures that all length of room is well illuminated. Their silver finishing also gives elegant color tone that beautifies the exposed wood beams and white ceilings.

Consider choosing the style of light fixture instead of casual ones to balance your stylish dining room. Get more and more glam like these chrome crystal light fixtures. Such light fixture, of course, will make the space feel differently elegant.

The pendants’ lighting effect and design work perfectly with this wood-reclaimed wall, creating a significant contrast and a glam as well.

A cluster of modern bubbles chandelier is a focal point of room. Each bubble has been completed with a LED inside facing at different angle, so the entire space will possibly be illuminated well.

These light fixtures are custom and made epecially for this dining room. The fixtures are supported by wood Boomerang-shaped light fitting inspired from mid century modern.

The line of light fixtures becomes top of the top in this dining room. They perform elegance and modernity among the salvage and industrial room pieces.

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