Ten Interior Trends Fortunately Created from Instagram Users’ Theory

reading corner design muted gray curtains arrow shaped curtain rod multicolored chair pile of book collection white brick walls Pinterest

It’s always challenging to apply the latest trends of interiors blown up via Pinterest. To help you select the most matched trend as well as to avoid other people’s blunder, we want to share the most inspiring interior trends collected. Just scroll down the page and let you find out the best that meets your favorites.

flat weave area rug with rug pad behind


At first, let’s talk about the base of home. It’s not about the floors, but the runners or area rugs that simply affect the whole interior look. It’s better not to manage the layered rugs (klutz). We really recommend a flat-weave rug with rug pad behind that effectively makes everything in place.

It’s more interesting to repaint the lower walls with the darker color. With this, you’ve added a visual interest on wall. In the other hand, you still have the lighter area that can stimulate the creation of airy nuance in room.

In current days, minimalism is quite popular and often discovered on Pinterest. It never works if there are so many collected books, pictures, antiques, and other smaller items in home. Closed cabinets or other kinds of storage are the best solution for this. Like this closed console table, for example. It makes everything well-organized and minimalist in look; no more worries about what else needs to get rid off.

A single pop wall art seems to be the next trend related to artistic interior design. The artwork might be a luxurious as well as artful investment. Fortunately, it also would be much more elegant when you’ve put it at the right & perfect spot like this one. In the picture, the artwork is a center of interest that would instantly direct the all eyes into it.

Muted green is one of most recommended shades for some years ahead. The color will act as timeless, neutral, leafy, vivid, and vibrant to any spaces.

For pet lovers, it’s better to avoid thick wool rugs since they don’t work with pets like cats and dogs. The solution is the outdoor rugs barely durable and pets-friendly. To make them much more interesting, just select the ones exposing special textures or patterns that effectively hide imperfection.

Just simply use window curtains or shades to make your space update. Make sure that you’ve picked the best that cohesively meets your interior’s tone. In this picture, for example, muted gray curtains just seem like an accent, but actually they perform both functional and decorative purposes. Its neutral color shade fits any other colors including this freshly white brick wall and multicolored chair.

Book maniacs will always have the most favorite corner where we’ll find a lot of book collections and reading spot. To make all books well-organized, it’s recommended to select and to re-manage which ones are favorites and they aren’t. This bookshelf design offers win-win solution in which it provides two types of storage solution: closed and door-less. It’s brilliant to use the closed sections for less-attractive books and just let the patinas of most favorite books exposed.

Lightly neutral color shades are still favorites for one or two next years. They are well-applied in this minimalist bedroom – making us aware that they could be visually softer and warmer when combined with brightly white. Green vegetation outside aesthetically fits the wood element in this room.

Open-concept interiors give the best solution to cope all spaces you need. There is no worry about the gap that possibly can limit the communication when you’re in home with family. This means all open-concept homes provide the space where kids, spouse, and even you could still have fun chats and presence from different spots.

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