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midcentury modern exterior idea concrete stepstones in rectangular shape wood siding exterior wall wood arbors secured by ceilings LSarchitects

Modern Resort Like Pathway With Round Shaped Concrete Steps Surrounded By Small Natural Stones
Ultra Modern Front Gate Natural Wood Door Panel And Walls Concrete Walkway Black Ground Planters
Formal Walkway With Concrete Hardscaping And Formal Front Garden
Midcentury Modern Exterior Idea Concrete Stepstones In Rectangular Shape Wood Siding Exterior Wall Wood Arbors Secured By Ceilings
Contemporary Patio Idea Square Shaped Concrete Pavers With Additional Stones Base A Set Of Outdoor Furniture Thin White Shade With Strings Of Bulbs
Contemporary Backyard Idea With Square Shaped Concrete Pavings Yellow Natural Stones Succulents Greengrass Wood Siding Outdoor Walls
Resort Like Pool House With Concrete Hardscaping Modern Outdoor Furnishings Natural Stone Walls
Modern Minimalist Backyard Concrete Hardscaping Idea With Green Grass Bed Hardwood Railings Modern Wall Lighting Fixtures Modern Outdoor Furnishings
Contemporary Patio With Concrete Hardscaping Red Brick Wall Panel Dark Finish Lattice Wall Shade With Red Vines And Bulbs
Contemporary Poolside Idea With Concrete Hardscape

The outdoor and home landscape becomes the areas that need to care of, especially if we love spending our spare time outside. To make these areas ‘cleaner’ from bushes and weeds, concrete hardscape becomes one of best alternatives.

There are some benefits of implementing concrete hardscape floorings. One of them is to get durable, tough, and clean look to your outdoor areas, including walkways, patios, and poolsides. Here, I have collected ten modern ideas of concrete hardscape complete with supporting elements like furnishings and decorative plants. Please scroll down and start finding the best one that probably fits your personal taste.

Concrete hardscaping fills this modern minimalist backyard. With green grass bed at the center, the concrete paving exposes modernity that’s quite identical with clean look.

I really do agree to select concrete hardscape for poolsides like this one. Concrete hardscaping is sturdy and good even for wet and moist areas like pools.

The landscape is more likely a resort-like nuance. Pool hardscaping is made of solid concrete which is formed as same as pavers for more neat and easy to install. With this idea, the poolside of course will transform into a more attractive one.

It feels like a formal walkway in a front yard. The concrete hardscaping is obviously neat, ending up with a clean lined look. It’s so lovely when the green grass and flowers feature it.

Through this idea, the designer wanna share the combination of contemporary concrete hardscaping and modern style like most recently resorts. The hardscaping deals with round-shaped concrete pathway accented with small stones among them. To make it vividly attractive, the designer adds medium-height decorative plants and grasses on either side. Some ground stand lamps are prepared for a warm and dramatic lighting effect.

Simple concrete hardscaping idea. With minimalist accents on floors, the designer successfully impresses us. She just combines the floors with two types of wall panels: dark-finish lattices and red bricks. For ‘shade’, there are just red vines and several bulbs that perfectly shine the space on.

This front gate is designed in ultra modern. The space beautifully exposes a perfect combination of natural wood and concrete hardscape. Solid black ground planters here contribute in creating a contrast as well as an exotic look.

Square-shaped concrete pavers simply give modern appeal. Additional stones base here effectively also gives a special texture.

These stepstones are so charming, making the outdoor stands out in modern way. Wood siding is also interesting, it looks attached into the house. The wood arbors are secured to ceiling posts. Great top and base, right?

A trendy backyard with concrete stepstone pavings. To create natural look, the designer adds small stones among the pavings, and he chooses light wood furnishings to provide a cozy seating area. Vertical garden here successfully makes the space more alive.

Unique! The designer wants to display the combination of modern concrete hardscape and greens (succulents and green grass bed). Yellow natural stones here are just the additional elements that enrich the color.

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