Ten Spa-Like Bathroom Designs that Fit Your Royal Taste

quirky bathroom design longer curtains with tiedback rope glass pendant light sleek bathtub in white geometric tile floor accent on light wood floors modern artwork Studio DB

Level of luxury for bathrooms might be a kind of master bathroom that feels as comfortable as a five-star hotel’s spa & bathroom. Imagine that you can enjoy relaxing your body and mind by only having spring-soaking treatment while wandering your eyes sweeping away all views of countryside through the window. This fun fantasy might come true if you’ve done a spa-like upgrade. With right layouts, lighting, and fixture option, you’ll be easier to attain your dream bathroom. To get much of inspiration, start to scroll down this page and you’ll find a list of ten most extravagant bathrooms guaranteed making you amazed.

Glamorous & Modern

This bathroom obviously feels so glamorous. The designer puts a gold-toned towel rack as a room statement, while a full-length curtain looks elevating this space. Just add a large painting or other kinds of wall artworks to vacant space of wall to make a simple focal point.

Simple yet Elegant

All-white spa-like bathroom that’s fancy and cozy. There are the series of secondary items that importantly bring a deluxe feel. We can mention them multicolored rug, crystal chandelier, and flowers. If you want more, you can replace the old rug with the traditional one as a unique as well as an out-of-box decor element.

Dark but Beautifully Dramatic

Black marble will always be the most luxurious option. It’s most used for bathrooms and kitchen intentionally designed for luxe. By visualization, black marble could easily be a statement without ruining other decorative items. Many thanks to light elements such as gold-toned sconces, white paint, and wicker basket that perfectly take a role as the best matches.

Cheery, Airy, and Bright

The space is so well-lighted by natural light coming over through these large windows. Also, thanks to white wall paint that extremely helps to level up the brightness in this spa-like bathroom. Three elements – fresh greenery, stool, and freestanding tub – extremely create an instant breeze.

Silver Featuring Marble

An expensive-look bathroom. It is supported by white marble walls and doff-black concrete for base – performing a balance contrast of black and white. Silver pendants also fill the space; make them hardly recognized by their color, but slightly seen as room statements. For a simple upgrade, just replace these silver pendants with stylish ones. Why? Surely to add a focal point in this plain and visual-monotone space.

Comeback Terrazzo

full terrazzo master bathroom gold toned trash bin terrazzo sink gold toned piping system clear glass door black finishing ceiling showerhead

Dzek Dzek Dzek

Terrazzo – A trendy tile product with a great popularity in 1970’s. Now we’re easily accessing it for home interiors including bathrooms. Just simply add this trendy material to your bathroom and feel the sensation of ‘crowds’ of colors. Also add more accents such as tissue box and candles.

Feel Your Retro Style

Telephone-shaped faucet in clear acrylic offers uniqueness. When it features a silver-clawfoot bathtub, the tub’s area would be an interesting spot. The bathtub itself has already exposed a classic look that brings us to late of 19th’s glamour. And the designer here brilliantly involves something opposite: some modern items such as walk-in shower, bath mat, and clear glass shower door that give a contemporary look.

Stylish in Contemporary Look

Several ultra-stylish items are found here: gold-toned faucet, geometric pendant, monochrome tile system, and soft wood stool. The windows exposed freshly green vegetation complement the space beautifully. For an instant upgrade, use unexpected accessories like stool around the bathtub.

Beach Touch 

A stunning beach-view just in less distance – this is awesome natural interest you can set up to your bathroom. At least you don’t need too much decor for a deluxe bathroom; just complete the space with the essential pieces such as faucet, tub, and walk-in shower. Add a potted greenery for a nature-goal.

Fun & Quirky

Geometric tiles are reflecting a modern option of tiling system and this base-system works well with a piece of contemporary artwork. A pendant and longest curtains perfectly frame the glass window but you need a couple of accent rope as a tiedback trend well-applied on your curtains.

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