Ten Stylish & Inspiring Window Treatment Ideas That Elevate Your Interior Windows

blush pink wood panel window shutters crisp white wood plank walls and floors Pinterest

Need new inspiration to dress your window and elevate your interior simply through the window treatment? This page apparently meets your need. Today, we want to show you best ten shutter ideas coming from different styles, materials, and color tones special for you. Hopefully these ideas would be new inspirations for you and help you to choose what the best for your home. Well, just start to check this out and don’t blame yourself if you’ve triggered to try some so soon.

Blush your bedroom just with this pink window shutter. Pink never fade away, it’s always be loveable. Like these shutter wood panels, they really complement this feminine bedroom. It feels so airy when crisp white and blush pink meet.

Again. Pink has blushed all interiors including such pale gray. Like dusty and pastel, blush pink can keep things, including gray color, look sophisticated.

crisp white window shutter made of solid wood crisp white bed linen and shams dark gray duvet cover black stool bedside table with round top


The window shutter makes the space brighter even the walls are coated in darker tone, pale gray. The space looks more airy-feel after the crisp white bed linen complements the existed window shutters, as if white has taken the crucial role for airy & bright look in space, but actually the pale gray also contributes on this.

Re-dress your bay window with such simple wood panels. The panels of course help to make this spot more enchanting, providing you more than a spot where you can access and enjoy the view outside only from inside of home.

bay window with trim shutter in white white sofa slipcovers x base coffee table in white wood plank floors


Another window treatment idea for bay window. Unlike the previous one, this shutter is actually the series of horizontal trim arrangement fully installed before the glass panel. The design makes possibility for the natural light to come in through each trim, allowing the space brighter.

You can also use sliding barn door as creative window shutter. The idea is genius to add a little country-style to your home. Make this a direct statement of room.

Japanese fusion window treatment idea. The window treatment involves a very thin bamboo-made sheet that still can filter the natural light. The sheets of course can make the space more shaded and homey-feel. Each sheet’s bottom is roll-able for high-intense or low-intense light access. Complete this window treatment with a stunned lantern-like pendant that visually meets the Japanese theme.

artistic crafted wood shutter panels in white


Fantastic! Add a direct focal point as well as a functional piece only with such artistic window treatment. When morning sunlight touch these panels, you’ll get beautiful visual effect (actually the shadows) produced by artistic crafted panels.

Very common, using curtains as one of perfect window treatments. Uncommon use you might want to try like dressing your bay window with such a dramatic curtains. Make the curtains as the part of ornate piece adding a background against the furniture set rightly at the center of bay window.

Both functional and decorative. There are two layers of ornate curtains; the insider (white, the sheer one) and outsider that fully blocks the light.

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