Texas Hill Country House Plans : A Historical and Rustic Home Style

Do you have a plan to build a house with Texas hill country house plans? Well, I guess that this is a good idea for you who want to have a historical and rustic house style. For your inspiration, here are several Texas hill country house plans that can be your references to establish your dreamy house.

If you wish to build simple Texas hill country house plans, you can get the inspiration from this simple country home with the brown paint. Yeah, this house is not too big, but it is enough for your small family. The house is very traditional and simple, but it remains attractive. The small garden in front of the house is visually attractive and beautiful.

A window of the house features wooden window shutters which make the house appears classic and traditional. Moreover, this house is also completed with a garage which set for two cars. The natural stone material used for the wall just makes the house looks warm.

If you plan to build a bigger house, you can take the ideas from the Texas hill country house plans with the brick wall as presented in the picture. Yeah, you will be in love with its sophisticated design and also the lovely garden. Moreover, the house is also completed with the wide pathway.

The glass windows and also the front door present rustic style and those add the traditional characteristic of this Texas hill country house. For accessories, the wall scones and also plants pots are decorated in front of the house.

Reference: www.architecturaldesigns.com

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