The Best Baby Gate for Top of Stairs Design that You Must Apply

Do you have a baby or even toddler at your home? What do you think to take care of him or her every single second? Yeah, sometimes it is tiring, but you don’t have another choice because you love him or her very much. In their most active stage, your baby and toddler must wonder about every single thing, and it usually makes you worry to always close to them. Anyway, to limit their movement, the best baby gate for top stairs may be helpful for you!

The first baby gate for top stairs design appears in elegant white tone. It stacks on wooden floor with white staircase with wooden railing design. The very sloping style of the stairs is dangerous for kids, therefore, baby gate is needed in this urgent situation!

To have simple baby gate design, patterned pink board is the best choice to close the stairs, so your kids cannot reach both the top or lower floor.

Further, taking the one made of wood is also possible for you as it shares natural look. In addition, it is also safer for your kids to touch because it contains no chemical element. What do you think? Can you accept it?

Further, foldable rug with black and white chevron patterned rug would be such fashionable baby gate idea. anytime you want to open it, you can role the rug aside so you can walk through. It is also a safe idea to border the stairs for your kids. Anyway, it is cheap too!


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