The Latest Cabinets Trends

Cabinets are a kind of home furniture which have dual-functions: as the decorative-furniture and storage. Following the newest kitchen trend, the use cabinet seems bigger role than previous years. As we know that, many people prefer great space of kitchen to accommodate some parts such as dining room and gather room for family.

Such kind of kitchen design lets us to keep getting close and together with our family while cooking or preparing the meals. We can also call the kitchen as a multiple station which is able to be used as informal office, study space, and also food preparation space. Special for this type of kitchen, the existence of cabinets takes a major role and function, especially for kitchen design and architect.

The use of cabinets beyond the kitchen now is applied by modern kitchen owners. The fact shows that the cabinet applications for home offices, butler pantries, entertainment centers, laundry rooms, outdoor entertainments, kitchen outdoors, and mini bars are growing significantly. Moreover, the cabinet popularity is much higher in bathroom area. The cabinet’s role is more than just the bath vanity, it includes the wardrobe storage.

How about the cabinet’s design? Does it have many changes? Yes, it does (special for kitchen area). If previous time the cabinets in the kitchen shows us a dramatic showplace, not for today. Today most people aren’t interesting in showplace cabinets for their kitchen, but they are so interested in something contemporary with a pop tune of color and design. Such type of cabinet is called a’ soft modern’ cabinet.

Sarah Reep as a professional furniture designer agrees about ‘soft modern’ cabinet. Even, she says that it becomes the latest trend in cabinetry. She observes that within 10 or 15 years, more detailed cabinets had been elaborating in the kitchen. The detail items mentioned by Reep include the accents, corbels, and molding existing in the cabinet. John Troxell Junior adds, trendiest cabinets are those which are cleaner and simpler. A contemporary cabinet’s look becomes a list of characteristic of soft modern cabinet. There isn’t much sleek, just minimalist look, but powerful straight lines. Such characteristics are almost called frameless cabinets.


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