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Subway tile sizes need to be consider when you are going to install the subway tile. Subway tile has been popular since early 1900s when one of the crowded city in US, New York, applied the walls of subway stations by using this style of tile. The subway tile is still popular today and it is included as one of the stylish tile models.

Subway tiles have many variants of colors, configurations, and sizes. But there are only several which are so popular such as 3×6 inches for measure, lined up style for the pattern, and brick-layered style for the installation model. Ideally, when you are going to buy subway tiles, it is better for you to choose 8 mm subway tile’s thick since it will give you perfect strength and color depth.

Subway tile sizes are not only thing that you must be your priority. The variant also must be another consideration. Glass subway tile has more benefits over the ceramic. Why? Glass subway tile is much better in handling the water. So, it is perfect to install in wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen (especially backsplash area of kitchen), and pool. Compared to the old ceramics, glass subway tile is much more durable.

The old ceramics are easier to degrade and to wear rapidly if it is struck by water over time. Glass subway tile backsplash in the kitchen will give different and beautiful look as well as it give the best protection for your kitchen’s wall from water. To make the whole kitchen look seems so vivid, just give it chic color subway tiles. Don’t forget to re-size all over subway tiles you’ve bought in order to suit with ideal subway tile sizes.

Reference: www.daltile.com

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