Tile to Wood Floor Transition Ideas

Tile to wood floor transition is a must to be figured out deeply when you want to apply two kinds of floors in a room or in a transitional space. Floor transition idea is commonly applied in transitional space between a wet area and dry area (for example: bathroom and bedroom). It is better for us not to install wood floor (all kinds of wood finishing such as solid/ hardwood, laminate hardwood, fabricated hardwood, or softwood) as the bathroom floor as they are well not protected from moisture and mold, mildew, etc. Choose durable, anti-slip, and easy-to-clean floor material in order to keep it clean from mold/ mildew.

Before installing tile to wood floor transition and vise versa, here are three important things you must know. First, it is about the elevation. The edge floor elevation needs to be your big attention by aiming at making your floor transition more beautiful and great. Second, it is about the transition location where it will be the end point of the first floor type and the start point of the second type floor. The location of transition is commonly found at the opening door or opening room.

Third, a special transition can also be installed if you want to have special accent on your floor. The special transition can be applied on stairways. As far as most people know, the stairways become the most favorite spot of special transition installation.

Tile to wood floor transition will be great idea of flooring for you who love transitional floor style. Below you will find out some inspiring tile to wood floor transition ideas. Let’s check them out.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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