Tiny Guest Cabin Inspirations for Summer Holidays

guest cabin with opened slanted panel with bed frame a couple of director chairs tree trunk side table Off Grid World

Unbelievable, this is just 80 square-feet guest cabin and merely powered by the solar panels as the source of electrical power. Designed in perfectly minimalist and tiny, this guest cabin offers a new life and experience of living in purely natural environment. The fresh air, misty nuance, and chilling breeze will be around you and always say ‘hi’ to you. Well, let’s get the short tour to give you more inspirations about this tiny guest cabin.

Take a look at the solar panel installed on one of ceiling sides. It’s actually tiny but can provide sufficient electrical power needed. About the physical design, it’s generally simple and looks like an attic house complete with the window. The wider floors are intentionally built to provide more space for a small porch and mini garden. Perfect.

One of slanted panel can be opened, allowing us to see around the porch and natural views outside. The bed frame is located exactly beside the slanted panel, so when the panel is opened, you can keep enjoying the views outside directly from your bed. What a happy day.

A shade is provided to give the protection panel that can cover up the sunlight and rain attack. It’s practical to use the slanted panel for the shade.

Let’s take a look at the interior. The space simply consists of one functional area furnished with a couple of bed frames that can also be used as the seats. In the end of the beds, there is a small bar table built from the reclaimed wood. The storage space is located in little space around the window. So practical and space-efficient.

Complete your bed with the best linens for coziest sleeping spot. Add one or two accent pillows for functional and decorative pieces. Make your own ‘nest’ to curl up.

Absolutely tiny and minimalist. The space only consists of the bed space on top connected by the short staircase. A small sofa furnishes the space, offering sufficiently space to enjoy the morning coffee with the loved one.

This looks warm and comfortable to live in. The design is simply rectangular with flat ceiling design. The cabin has a small porch furnished with an egg chair that looks so comfortable to sit in. I see the lighting choice contributes in giving the warm feel.

Keep stunning in red. The cabin’s exterior looks poppy simply with the reds. The chairs and front door are visually bold and make the whole exterior more stylish.

Tiny cabin can be a solution to simplify your life and this cabin design is recommended to you. Even you can build and design by yourself based on your personal style.

Like the previous design, the cabin is only furnished with a bed frame and practical table under the window, matching for summer holidays.

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