Today’s Home Tour: Reserve Home with Airy & Bright Interiors

soft toned and minimalist bedroom light wood bed frame with headboard light purple chair white draperies white area rug Jojotastic

Today, I wanna review a small living space that will impress you a lot. I make Reserve Home as the target. This living space is designed in super-unique model and uses modern-Bohemian style as the main concept of décor idea. Here, you will see how the designer cleverly makes this small space looks so standout. Come with me to see more details of Reserve Home tour that feels so airy and bright.

Feel so cozy and airy. The bedroom is supported with simple furniture sets that visually interesting in design and color. They are absolutely functional and stylish; this is what we need the most for minimalist home décor. To make the space feels more natural and fresher, the homeowner adds vivid greenery right behind the headboard. The use of white draperies also give a dramatic look to this space.

The living room contains multi-type seats starting from L-shaped couch to floor cushion. A rattan hanging chair is also interesting. It can be used as the extra seat or just a next choice for you who want to sit for relax.

The homeowner says that this dining space is actually used as music room and workspace as well. She has designed the space for more than one function and it’s effective for such a small yet beautiful home.

I see no divider that separates the living room and dining room, a good idea for small home where the space available is the big matter. To distinguish these two spaces, the homeowner clearly uses a Boho area rug that’s also stylish on worn out color palettes and patterns. For the dining space, she keeps the wood plank floors exposed, at least adding natural vibe to that space.

And the floor cushion is decorative and functional. Designed in modern Boho style, the floor cushion at least offers different tone and style in this main sitting area. I see these two items: floor cushion and rug, are totally matched.

Like the living room, this bedroom also adopts Boho style just in a bit. Look at the ornate wall mirror that’s beautifully accentuated with hand-carved rattan frame. The mirror has stated the boring white walls.

The display racks have impressed me a lot. They’re DIY and simply decorative and functional. The way the homeowner chooses the racks’ location is also genius: right behind the couch where we can find these racks as amazing backdrop.

Well, the area rug and floor lamp have grabbed my attention. These two items are so beautiful in design and visually match with the whole interior and the furniture option. With geometric patterns, the rug definitely adds modern touch, while the simple design effortlessly makes the floor lamp standout.

What a simple! Only supported with in-white bed linen and some vividly colored accent pillows, this bed offers you extra comfort and style. The rug under the bed frame also brings more textural colors that actually have important role in making this space more fun and not boring.

Maybe the big geometric patterns on rug also become the great idea to create a stated base treatment in the bedroom (like in this idea). They’re overlooked for me, but they’re enough to add a direct focal point to this bedroom.

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