Treat Your Living Room’s Base With These Recommended UO’s Rugs

ivory area rug with diamond cut prints in terracotta tone tassel trims in two rug's bottom sides Urban Outfitters

Honestly I can’t move from Urban Outfitters charms. All products are so adorable; most of them are designed in simple, clean look, yet modern and stylish. The area rug, for example, comes with huge ranges of color and prints, and even some are purposely made without print accents and in one tone. Pastels and pop of colors are often used for the products, or even a few products use bold colors as the accent (with lighter one as the background color). I think I need to share some samples of products and luckily I’ve chosen the best ones for you. Just access this page to see more details of the products.

Adorable rug: Berber rug in ivory. Basically this rug is made of woven wools supported with the fringe trims along sides. Its light-tone helps creating calm and cozy look in room.

Add rustic touch to your living room simply with this Sabira area rug. Its geometric prints contribute in bringing the rustic vibe to the room, while the tassel trims give a Boho look in this rug.

Love a chic living room with a bit Boho style? Maybe this tufted rug will be your best option. The tufted surface gives you texture, creating a special sensation when touched. The surface is actually the arrangements of embroidered geometric patterns that feel so fluffy. The tassel trims are also added to each rug’s bottom sides for more dramatic effect. Beautiful!

Diamond-cut motifs for classic-Bohemian look. This area rug is simply old look but still charming. Feature this with midcentury modern furniture piece for a balanced setting, classic-modern room.

At glance, the rug is so simple. It just has the oversized diamond-cut patterns accented with ornate roping trims in some particular sides. The fringed tassel trims are also set in each bottom of rug.

Need a vintage look but want to add Boho vibe to your hallway? This product is perfect for you. The geometric prints exactly give Bohemian touch, and its durable woven material fits any traffic areas like the hallway.

Another vintage-inspired rug product; this area rug looks old and worn out, really adding a vintage look to any rooms.

This product shows a modern look with Bohemian motif addition, and the designer uses black as the motif’s color to make all motifs bolder and to add a contrast against the color background.

Feel so fluffy, warm, and comfy. This area rug seems like the perfect one that can meet our need. Its diamond-cut prints are coated with terracotta tone, making them contrasting with the ivory color background. The tassel trims also add dramatic accent to this product. So recommended for a new Bohemian living room.

Natural and minimalist, maybe these two words really represent this area rug. The surface is beautified with soft-toned dots with tufted poms and ornate lines, really completing the look.

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