Trend Fashion of 2015 Kitchen Design

The passed years, minimalist kitchen design might become the top star, but in 2015, it seems to be the opposite from the past. Now, designing a kitchen is getting more flexible, and you are even allowed to bring many things showcasing your arthistry. The trend of kitchen fashion in this year is closer to nature. Bringing the nuance of nature in the kitchen becomes the thing which atrracts so much attention. More than that, luxurious is not the core of the design, but it is simplicity. Let’s take a look at some trend fashion of 2015 kitchen designs below!

You can look at the first kitchen with stunning blue diamond shaped tiles on the backsplah, is it luxurious? now, it is just a well organized kitchen design with plenty of storage showcasing some table wares. It is the opposite style of the past that prefered to hid everything in a closed one!

Talking about simplicty, a trend in 2015 pushes you to have wonderful storage that is able to load everything inside including the spices in a large drawer. combined with sweet open plan design, there is no flaw that flirt you somehow.

The next kitchen is much more playful with various colors in the vibe. With its dominant white tone surrounding the vibe, there is also plenty application of yellow. The dining set is also selected the one with beige color close to yellow. I like cute small picture in yellow on the wall!

Bringing some indoor plants in the kitchen will make the nuance even more stunning to cook, eat, and hang out of course.


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