Trends of Colors for Small Bathrooms

small bathroom design vintage tiles floorings bathroom vanity with light wood countertop & freestanding sink in white white bathtub with half way clear glass panel light wood rack white toilet Postila

Is your bathroom too small and uncomfortable when used due to its limited space? Probably some people have similar problem about the space availability, and finally use dominant white as the most instant solution to get a larger visual effect on it. Yes, it’s correct to use light-intense color schemes for such small space, but it’s not the one & only solution. Fixtures, furnishings, and layouts also need to consider.

Related to colors for small bathrooms, I have more ideas how to choose, mix, and match the colors for your small bathroom. I wish these ideas will be your inspiration and can be applied for your next bathroom remodeling project.

bright small bathroom design idea white toilet marble bathroom vanity counter white bathtub with clear glass door wooly white bathroom mat


Bright and well-lighted bathroom is one of ideal requirements for small bathrooms. Most people believe that a small bathroom with good brightness could be visually larger. Marble and white bathroom fixtures in this bathroom really give a cozier as well as larger look.

Cork flooring adds character to this bathroom. Its color blends well with the tiles on walls. White element is also added to give brighter pieces in bathroom, while dark wood vanity here acts like a color accent of room.

I really like the layout. It’s well-organized. Each furniture & fixture is placed properly. Small space isn’t a serious matter if all interior pieces are located in right place like this one. The floors, in addition, are so adorable. They give rich and textural color with their multi-patterns. They look so cohesive when light wood element complements them.

Natural scheme is obtained from terracotta in which it perfectly surfaces the bathroom’s base and some spots in bathroom. Of course the tone brings much of warm look to the bathroom, and it becomes more obvious when it features white.

small bathroom design with two chambers walk in shower glass divider wall mounted toilet in white recessed shelves behind toilet cream walls and floors

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Cream color scheme brings calmness and warmth in natural way, while manufactured glass divider offers modern touch that directly fits the existed modern look presented by the color.

The existence of blurry glass window behind the toilet helps a lot in providing amount of natural light. With well-lighted atmosphere, the bright space will be much brighter and visually seems larger.

Small but so adorable. I personally attract to the brick walls. They’re exactly showcasing unfinished & raw concept in which the hard texture and characterful tone are really emphasized. The glass door in walk-in shower space is needed to separate wet and dry areas, so the space will always provide the coziest place in any conditions.

Play with pop of colors and patterns. I note that it’s okay to select and to apply the crowds of patterns for your small bathroom, but consider picking the simplest ones. Simply squares on these walls and corner tub’s walls are the examples. The patterns simply highlight the space with their green color. If you like a massive proportion of selected color (in this case, green), use it as the most dominant one. The floors or walls are two spots recommended to have this color.

Get clean and modern look with monochrome. Feature it with subway tiles for more stylish performance. The space performs a sharp difference on base and wall in which the wall is lighter & more minimal in tone, while the base seems deeper with its black & white. What a perfect combination!

I love the walls with sharp-colored & textural look. They give a character to this bathroom. They additionally cause a beautiful contrary against the interior which is dominated by white, and the wood element here as if reduces those colored walls and interior naturally. Really gorgeous!

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