Triangle Dining Table, A Set of Convenience within Unusual Design

traditional dining room wider triangle dining table with white base larger L shaped built in bench seat traditional chandelier red painted walls white tiled floors Lazzell

When talking about the dining room, our mind automatically will think about the space where the family and us can sit and enjoy the dinner together. To accommodate a cozy place for this daily routine, we need a sturdy and functional dining set, and dining table becomes one of crucial part that needs to consider having those values.

Circular, rectangular, and square shaped dining table maybe too regular and casual, but a triangle dining table exactly offers something unique. If you’re interested in this kind of table, make sure that your choice has soft curves of edges and order it in custom with different design and material. Use color and texture that fits your dining room’s scheme and feature it with two or three seaters. Well now, it’s time to re-decorate your dining room differently. Find the best one for yourself and enjoy the transformation.

modern dining room triangle dining table with black finishing and additional glass center panel black framed dining chairs

Herval USA

Sleek and unique. This triangle dining table is clean line look and coated in black finishing. Glass panel on the center is just the accent. Black-framed modern dining chairs complement this table. What a adorable design!

Get inspired with rustic such in this single wet home bar. The space is completed with a cluster of dining furniture consisting of wooden triangle dining table, wooden chairs, and single bench seat. Round-shaped traditional rug stands out these furniture pieces, making them more obvious.

A freestanding triangle dining table also fits such L shaped built-in bench seat. It’s practical and space-saver, of course; best recommendation for small dining rooms.

For larger party, pick this dining furniture set for accommodating more numbers of users. The table is physically unique; the design shows tinier base but wider on serving surface, so it can achieve the longest-distance space where the bench’s edges placed in.

Narrow triangle dining table with stools – another best option for small breakfast nook. Black leather on stools is really cohesive with the table’s finishing, giving modern-rustic appeal.

Fantastic! Although it’s small and just has three sides, this triangle dining table can meet more visitors. Here, black leather bench seat is added and two other sides of table are featured with two chairs.

Such dining furniture set exactly fits your ‘dead’ corner. Triangle-shaped dining table is not only a space saver, but it’s also a corner optimizer. Black finish is elegant and contrasting scheme to stand the furniture out.

Oak-finished triangle dining table featuring the oak stools. With natural wood finishing, each piece of furniture offers freshness and originality. They’re also flexible to use, as the outdoor or indoor furnishing items.

glass top triangle dining table with dark wood X legs black leather triangle stools with dark wood legs


Glass-top triangle dining table – the best recommended one if you love modernity implemented on your home design. Its wooden legs here are the complementary elements that balance both modern and natural appeal.

folding & wall mounting triangle dining table in white dark wood chairs


This smaller triangle dining table is so awesome. It’s foldable and mounted on wall. It can be turned into wider version when the panel is shifted away from the wall, as the result it can accommodate more numbers of chairs (two-seaters become three-seaters table).

white triangle dining table green dining chair white dining chair cups wallpaper


Use playful colors for your modern furnishing pieces. This modern dining furniture set, for instance, is minimalist but powerful on function, very matched for a small breakfast nook.

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