Have Your Children Twin Bed with Storage for Well Organized Kids Room

Kids room is the one that usually looks messy, and you don’t like it. Sometimes, you feel it bothersome to always organize the room if it doesn’t need more time to go wild! Therefore, you need a simple furniture that will be a helpful fixture for you. a twin bed with storage is the best solution for flexible schedule as well as happy kids! Do you want to give it a try? Let’s peek the pictures below!

Not always the one that stacks on the platform bed, but the storage can be such cute wooden box with wheels. Aside of that boring design, this one is more playful and your kids will love it. In addition, it is also movable, so up to your kids where they want to store it!

Taking the headboard as the storage is also a gorgeous idea. It saves the space and adds creative texture too. Functioning it as bookshelves is a nice idea because it will trigger your kids to read more. It makes their bed as a fairy tale castle!

Both headboard and beneath space are all wonderful vibe to add storage. Just like previous idea, headboard suits your bookshelves need while the beneath one is a stunning hidden closet. So, they will be no waste furniture in the room!

Bed that stacks on the wall is a great feature that suits wall storage. If you want to give them a desk, what kind of opportunity it is! From bookshelves to desk design, they will not bother your kids room again!

Reference: www.hgtv.com

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