3 “Green” Selections for Twin Size Sofa Sleeper

Having small living space or apartment requires you to wisely choose every single thing you put inside especially furniture. Making sure not to choose bulky piece of furniture that leaves crowded visual and atmosphere is totally crucial. Twin size sofa sleeper then can be a great solution to maximize your limited living space functionally and aesthetically.

Twin size sofa sleeper is suitable for daily use and is usually less than 5 feet wide which is great for sleeping one person. Twin size sofa sleeper comes with a lot of different types of materials, colors and designs and this sometimes drives you confused when trying to get one. Here is list of three popular pieces of twin size sofa sleepers for your initial inspiration. The first will be Vincent Twin Sleeper from CB2 which is flawlessly fit any home office doubled as guest room. With its sloped arms, this twin size sofa sleeper enhances modern charm to any room as well as offers you greener living with its eco-friendly construction of multilayer plant-based polyfoam. It can be also good solution when a lot of guests sleep over.

The Willow Twin Sleeper from Crate & Barrel is the next recommendation for twin size sofa sleeper. With its modern lines relax is capable of bringing holiday state of mind to any room in your house. This piece is also an eco-friendlier option made from soy-based polyfoam. Still coming from Crate & Barrel, Troy Twin Sleeper is very basic and comfortable. It is a combination of big armchair and modern compact sleeper aimed for modern living. Troy Twin Sleeper is another environmentally friendly choice with its dried hardwood frame and multilayer soy polyfoam seat cushion.

Reference: homebnc.com

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