Twin XL Bed Frame with Storage Ideas, Give You More Comfort & Extra Storage Solution for Your Bedroom

transitional twin XL bed with storage and corner block in white stripped orange bedding treatment light orange beanbags with geometric patterns decorative globe Baxter Design Group

Twin XL bed frame with storage, another name of storage bed for single user, actually one of best options for you who’s searching for a practical, functional, and space-saver furnishing piece for your bedroom. There are so many choices of products you can buy that fit your need and preference. All pieces are built from lots of wood options, metals, and even fabricated materials. The bed is equipped with various options of storage configurations, and coated with many finish types. The dimension possibly makes them perfect for limited-space rooms. Go for getting the best one by viewing the following brief review of twin XL bed frame with storage and make them your inspirations.

This Oak twin bed with storage comes with three storage units consisting of a pair of flat-paneled side drawers and an open shelving unit. It’s perfect for apartment’s bedroom which surely needs a space-saver bed frame. Each storage units, of course, are designed for different storage purposes. The drawers are recommended for clothes and daily bedding properties, while the open shelving unit is ideal for books or small boxes for clusters of small things.

Twin bed with additional side drawers . They are integrated by a corner block which is perfectly functioned as the beds’ headboard. Each bed has been inserted a pair of buttoned side drawers for clothes and other daily bedding properties. These two beanbags are also put for extra seats and ornaments as well. Incredible! Clean lines but colorful.

These twin bed frames are specifically designed with different features of storage. The left one has some series of drawers, while another is completed with storage underneath. White is chosen by reason, to create clean look and bright tone, so it assists making yellow-pink hand-painted murals stand out. And the beanbags are obviously offering another feminine quality in this girls’ bedroom.

The twin beds with storage designed in traditional style. They’re simple and effective-space, an ideal option for kids’ room where needing plenty of space for kids’ stuffs. The side drawers on beds are actually effective for those kids’ stuffs, so the room possibly will be well-ordered.

It looks like the twin beds are over the drawer systems, but they’re not. The deep drawers become the precious storage solutions as they provide more space for lines, cloths, and other bedding items. Their design also fits this narrow room. A great solution for smaller bedrooms.

With full height, these pull-out drawers provide more space for linens or other nap properties. The additional drawers under the steps are also exclusively designed for extra storage.

Dark wood twin beds with drawers perfectly deliver rustic touch. They’re more alive when the designer puts several fantastic wall decors like horse pictures refer to rustic traditional concept.

These custom twin beds provide two options of storage: drawers & open shelf, so we just need to pull out the drawers when instantly requiring the additional linens or blankets.

eclectic kids' bedroom traditional twin beds with storage corner block between the beds' head ocolorful butterfly wallpapers white & textured quilts orange comforters


Add comfy quilts for extra comfort, and choose colorful wallpaper to make the kids’ room more stylish and cheerful. If you need more space for storage but the space limits you, choose such twin beds for the best alternatives.

The room is designed for 9 years-old girl who really loves surfing, so the designer selects these custom pictures as the wall decors. The furniture consists of two sets of bed frame completed with storage used for keeping her stuffs. So fabulous!

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