Unique Indoor Plants: Simple Effort for Eco-Friendly Home Design

Making the home fresh and well maintain seems to be easy, but the fact says different thing that sometimes it takes time and bill as well. To go with simple thing sometimes doesn’t give the best result, and it becomes the problematic thing to make comfortable home design. However, with unique indoor plants you only need simple effort for eco-friendly home design. are you interested to apply one of the designs? Check following show!

Not only to fresh the air of the interior, this design is also lovable to spruce the wall. It is three small hanging wall potted plants. With traditional rope to hang the pots, it also attacks the interior with exotic look of natural appeal.

Meanwhile, to pour the interior with unique indoor plants, upside down style potted plants are best to distract people attention while visiting your home. The Pot is installed in upside down mode that makes people curious about how it comes!

Further, letting the potted plants inside your home to climb a metal table with wooden top is also nice. It gives contrast green outlook to the white metal material added. For some reasons, for potted clematis on beneath the four corner of the table is wonderful idea!

In addition, using colorful pots to plant the greenery is also highly recommended to invade the vibe with cheerful outlook. Orange and yellow pots are stunning to match the green tone of the indoor plants added.

Then, making advantage of the space beneath the window is also possible with indoor plants. It lengths from one end to the other with green tone, and of course it shares fresh air to breath!

Reference: theartofsimple.net

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