Urban Bathroom Design for Those with Plenty of Expectation

Yeah, today’s lifestyle is too complicated to fulfill. People’s eager appears only on some sophisticated designs offering both style and function. Missing one of the two means nothing for some people, and they tend to look for another choice. Not stopping on that matter, most of themalso deserve compact idea to meet their qualification of a home with narrow space. Yeah, every single thing should be considered in detail. Therefore, some urban bathroom designs are likely to answer those expectations!

Effectiveness is also important to deal with urban people. they mostly love something that save the space as well as the budget. Therefore, a unique white loft urban bathroom goes viral for some poeple, and they deadly deserve the design.

It is a small room with short ceiling comforted with simple skylight, but the white painted wall prevents the nuance to be gloomy even darker. Thanks to the minimal use of any furniture inside, and I like to soak deep in the concrete rectangle bathtub!

Spending a long time in a bathroom is not that poor as the design is favorable to relax even to take contemplation. White urban bathroom with geometrical accent applied here and there is perfect to give additional shade due to the modern lighting installed.

Wanting to have a glamor urban bathroom is now possible too. It is a nice open concept bathroom design with total black small mosaic tile application from the floor to the wall, and you can see how epic the ripped wall to shape the curving sink! What do you think?

Reference: www.hgtv.com

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