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Luxurious Bathroom Design With Double Round Wall Mirrors And White Siding And White Vanity With White Modern Bowl Sinks
Amazing White Interior Design Of House With Kitchen Bar And Black Breakfast Nook And Beige Stools And Giant Pendant And Glass Window
Exclusive Interior Design With Wooden Floor And Gray Bench On The Hallway With Wall Lamps And Picture And Concrete Siding Unfinished
Exclusibe Black Chairs Design For Dining Set With Glass Round Table On Wooden Floor With Chandelier And Glass Window
Natural Interior Design Of A House With Wooden Structural Staircase And Wooden Floor And Hallway Seating And Britisch Flag Chair
Eclectic Interior Design In White Color With Wooden Floor And Creamy Velvet Sofa Design And Wooden Coffee Table And Wall Photo Frame
Spacious Interior Design Of A House With Wooden Floor And United Living Space And Wooden Dining Table And Vintage Black Pendants

Winter is not always too bad for you to live the life! Yeah, it is not always the cold that always bother you anywhere you go. There is christmas which is so holy that you cannot miss it in a single year. Everything about winter is how you can build a snowman, cleaning the chimney to Santa Claus, and of course spending more time to focus on the job, so you can have lots of time in the spring to summer with no burden of deadline! Below are some typical urban house with winter mood designs that you have to know!

It is so warm and casual to touch the living room. it is the white one with wooden ceiling becoming the roof up above. The wall is fullof target photo to remind every individual occupy the house with the most memorable moment that they share. The fusion of the seating inside is what you can appreciate more to achieve the perfect tone!

I like how the kitchen, living room and dining room are united in one large space. So, there is no boundary to sit anywhere you deserve and hold a plate to finish the cereal. With its large windows and door, the retreat is naturally energy saver as the natural light keeps flowing endlessly inside the house.

Leading to the upper floor with the most confident style is the floating wooden stairs. In its slim shape, it is just fitting the house that is not too large to have the majestic spiral concrete stairs!

Reference: ahiglobal.wordpress.com

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