Many Variants Color of Spool Chairs

You may feel confused how to complete your empty space of your living room. You want something of any furniture that can make the living room look so alive. In this case, the writer suggest you to have such a spool chair. What is spool chair? Spool chair is a chair which has wooden frame with soft surface concept. Let us see the samples in the pictures below.

You can see in the picture there is a nice spool chair which has nice adorable stripes pattern. This chair is so wonderful with blue and white accent pattern. This chair has four legs like common chair with black coloring. However, this kind of chair has special frame model, or it isn’t just a simple frame. The chair has beautiful decorated or shaped frame concept. Most of them have frame like spiral wood. Therefore, this chair looks so beautiful and nice for your living room decoration.

For the color choice, you can have many options of them. You can have original wooden coloring frame with young brown color, or you can have such a white accent frame. For the concept color of the seat surface, you can have a lot of variants. For example, you can see in the picture there is a spool chair which has nice decoration. This spool chair has like a flower decoration with many colors.

Or perhaps, you want to have such a simple coloration spool chair. In this example you can see in more picture where there are some spool chairs which have plain color like plain grey, plain brown, or you also can have a yellow accent. Moreover, you can choose whether you need to have such a soft back or just use the frame back design. This concept depends on your passion.


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