Various Pendant Light Ideas and the Application

Once you are visiting a bar, what makes your attention robbed there? I personally always wonder about anything involved in the bar. It can be the bar tender identity, or sometimes I wonder who is the manager, or why he is that skilled to mix all of the order. Beside, the thing that makes my attention fully distracted is the interior! Yeah, it is always gorgeous to appreciate bar interior because every bar offers different theme and decoration, and I love to stare at the pendant light! Talking about pendant, you ought to know some designs of pendant lamps with the application!

For some modern and minimalist kitchen design, you often find kitchen bar which is enriched with pendant lamps. Uniquelly, they are all shaped just like those captured on poker! Yeah, a set of pendants may range of four with different shapes. So, I like to imagine where is the inspiration comes from!

Some pendants are solely designed in magical crystal tone with transparent glass shade. It is the most popular pendants that you can touch easily in some living rooms. There are so many bulbs, and luckily all of them are set in different height, for artistic rason of course!

Further, you can also enjoy the soft crafted ball net pendant! It is a high recommended design that you must own if you do love minimalist style. it is not that cheap idea because the design comes from famous interior designer!

Spreading like sunlight pendant becomes the next awesome idea that you must own as well. So, which one is heartbreaking for you!

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