Veranda Makeover Ideas For A Summer or Spring Refresh

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Veranda or porch is designed as the part of an entrance in a cottage or home. The larger veranda can serve as the alternative of small sitting area where we can take a sit, gather, and relax with people we love. Or such a place can also be best spot to read books or just to watch people pass by. To accommodate these purposes, it’s important to consider the best veranda design. The followings are the greatest ideas of veranda designs probably will be your best inspirations. Let’s check them out and be ready to get inspired.

So beautiful, using a drop cloth as the statement of veranda. Actually. it’s so simple and easy to have this. Just hang the cloth up through the cable and make the cloth as the veranda curtain.

With a drop cloth, the veranda looks more dramatically beautiful even with the warming light effect brought by the afternoon’s sunlight.

Outdoor accessory addition like these outdoor curtains is really helpful to create a sophisticated veranda look. More interestingly, they can also add more privacy to this space. Remember to choose the outdoor curtains protected from mold and mildew.

So colorful and brings us much of fun and positive energy. The veranda is supported with colorful outdoor curtains beautifully tightened on the pillars. Here, the space is also furnished with vividly blue furniture set for relaxing sitting area. The view outside of course would be a visual ‘therapy’ for us after the busy weekdays.

So simple yet inviting. A yellow table is as a stand for ornate houseplant in veranda. This is the simplest idea to decorate your entrance and of course this idea is able to give a great impression for every guest visiting you. Starting with the vivid color schemes like yellow, it’s so stunning and acts like a space statement as well as a functional piece.

In modern application, the brick floor installation looks fresher and is quite far from the look of medieval era. Such floors have special character and it’s clearly brought by the texture and tone of bricks.

Enjoy the summer days in such lovely spot. Only furnished with modern woven sofa plus cushions and throw pillows, it would be fun to spend your hours here. Grab some books and a cup of hot coffee and please be relaxed while enjoying the freshly green views around.

Look so fresh in green and blue. These color schemes are obviously contrasting each other but they’re vividly poppy visually. The area rug with colorful stripes really makes these two color schemes are matched to combine. The existing color schemes are also representing the summer tones depicting the blooming flowers, warming sunshine, refreshing air, etc.

Wicker furniture set is one of the best options for the outdoors like patio or veranda. It gives a texture and neutral tone to the space. Completed with soft and fluffy cushions, the wicker seat of course gives much comfort to all users. Red area rug here visually adds a statement to this outdoor area.

Eye-catching conversation set idea. The space simply consists of a couple of dark-tone rattan rocking chairs that obviously exposes the rattan’s texture. Each seat has been supported with colorful cushion for the comfort.

Have small veranda and need an instant idea to redecorate it? Just furnish the space with a simple and small bench seat. Create a direct focal point simply by adding an ex-window trim with a dried-leave wreath over the bench. Also, add a log side table for your morning coffee. So simple.

Or simply provide a small chair at the corner of your home entrance. Like this one, the homeowner adds a chair right at the corner of entry way and complete it with a striped throw pillow and blanket for the decorations. About the color, the homeowner has chosen bold black as the primary color scheme that visually connects to the main door.

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