Villa Arjuna, Bali: An Instagrammable Villa You’ll Never Forget To Book During Holiday Season

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Located in Canggu, Bali, Villa Arjuna is one of most recommended destinations for you guys who wanna go traveling to this exotic place. Here, you’ll find some interesting things inside the villa and they’re mostly made by exposing the natural elements as the basic pieces. Some are the origins of Bali’s artworks beautifully displayed in some particular spots, and others are the specific Bali’s features like a plunge with pond, woven mats, whitewashed gauze draperies, and many others. Join us to see more glimpses inside the villa, and be ready to get inspired.

Firstly spotted, Villa Arjuna was just a blank of ‘canvas’, finished in whitewashed interiors with teak furnishing pieces and woven mats.

Blanket and linen throw surely add the color to this neutral-tone space. These elements beautifully give soft and warm visual, and personally I feel much of relaxing and positive nuance in such a comfy place.

One of most beneficial thing about this place is the refreshing dining space that directly opens into the outdoor area like garden. The space feels so special as it’s furnished with antique and natural pieces made in custom.

Gauze tablecloth is showing its charm. Through this idea, I amazingly see that something simple and priceless like a sheet of gauze can be a worth piece if we pair it with a high-valued thing like this set of dining furniture. In Indonesia, teak furniture sets are the most expensive products, meaning that even in the simplest design, this table has indirectly elevated the gauze.

The new owner has renovated the villa in open concept; the rooms are set perfectly. The huge glass doors allow us to ‘access’ the outdoor area like the garden. This, of course, leads us to always have a fresh and green view everyday, motivating us to have positive vibes and good moodiness.

The pool area is well-furnished. A couple of bentwood chairs are not providing so much comfort, but also previewing a high style. Some big trees, particularly tropical plants, are the natural shades as well as the vivid focal points of the space.

Still about teak furniture, it’s definitely durable and easy to shape, so this Indonesia’s wooden kind is more often used for best-quality furniture & craftsmanship products. This chair, for instance, is firm but flexible. We can see how the wooden is easily processed into a low leaning-back lounge chair.

A stated display, sometimes we need it for style and aesthetic goal. Like this earthy soft display table, it simply exposes some woven jugs and baskets manually made by local people. I like the color since it’s cohesive with the furniture and hanging lamp.

Adding some greenery and ornaments seem a good idea to spice up a space. Wrapped in concrete planters, the greenery will settle perfectly and of course this is easier to maintain. Lean an ornate woven basket against the planter also sounds brilliant for a simple statement. Or put the basket nearest the decorative leaning ladder.

So lovely, a grand bed furniture accented with a ‘heavy’ drapery. White is the chosen color for clean look and warm-feel (especially when featured with such a beautiful rattan bed frame). Another warm visual is also sent by the woven rug and a couple of woven baskets on the floors. All is set perfectly.

This isn’t in Villa Arjuna, but I wanna share this to you because I find something interesting. It’s true, a wood umbrella inspired by Balinese wedding decoration. The umbrella is the special feature you can be found in Bali only.

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