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Glass Transparent Door Shower Space  A Small Floating Bathroom Vanity In Modern Style With Single Square White Sink And Stainless Steel Faucet  Floating Storage On Top With Mirror Door Built In Shelves
Modern Walk In Shower With Glass Panel And No Door A Wall Mounted Shower Heads Natural River Stones Mosaic Tiling For Shower Floors A Corner Bathtub With Storage
Walk In Shower With Glass Door Plus Handle  Mosaic Tiles For Floors And Ceramic  Tiles For Wall A Mounted Shower Head  A Corner Floating Shelf For Bathing Supplies
Doorless Walk In Shower Space A Small Tub In White With Sprayer Stall Black Round Console Table Beautiful Pendant Light Fixture
Large Walk In Shower No Door With High And Large Ceiling Shower Head Warm And Light Cream Natural Stone Tiles For Floors And Wall System  A Pair Of Wall Mounted Shower Heads A Bathtub
Walk In Shower Without Door Panel With White Metal Wire Shelves  Mosaic Tiles Flooring Diamond Cut Ceramic Tiles For Wall System
Luxurious Walk In Shower Space With Half Way Semi Blured Glass Panel A Shower Head Two Layers Of Floating Corner Shelves A Mounted Closet
Doorless Walk In Shower Space With A Glass Transparent Panel A Built In Shower Head  A Modern White Closet A Dark Stained Wood Console Table For Putting White Towel
Walk In Shower Without Door With River Stones Mosaic Tiles Flooring Stainless Steel Shower Head  A White Closet Wood Bathroom Vanity With Slope Bronze Sink And Faucet  A Roll Tissue
No Door Walk In Shower With Corner Floating Bench And Floating Corner Shelves L Shape Wood Bathroom Vanity With Shiny Metal Framed Mirror And Vanity Lighting River Stones Mosaic Tiles For Floors

Walk in shower seems to be the best choice for you who like its function, form, or both of them. It will be smart addition for a bathroom. But, you do not be allowed to apply such shower type without considering your room’s size. Why? A room’s size will affect what kind of wet area (including the walk in shower and bathtub fixture) in your bathroom. The room’s size has tight connection to walk in shower dimension. A larger bathroom’s size probably allows you to have a walk in shower because a walk in shower requires more space.

If you have limited–space walk in shower dimension, don’t be worried, there are some brilliant ways how to trick our vision to see larger bathroom after existing your new walk in shower space. First trick is by covering one side of two sides of bathroom wall with full length frameless mirrors. It is absolutely effective to create a sense of larger space in a bathroom. Use bright and fun colors to your bathroom wall system also help you to have larger and fresh bathroom. There are many options of bright colors you can choose, but there is only one color that affects much the bathroom and walk in shower dimension. That’s correct! It’s white. White color applied in small room is able to make that room wider, higher, and larger at glance. But, that’s no matter if you are going to applied other neutral colors such as cream, beige, and light grey for your bathroom wall.

Next trick to make a larger bathroom and walk in shower dimension is by selecting and installing small-size bathroom lighting fixtures. Whether ceiling light, pendant lighting, or vanity light, all is in small-size in order to make a room looks higher (especially for ceiling and pendant light fixtures).

The last trick, just select small and tiny legs bathroom furniture such as bathroom vanity, bathtub with claw-foot, console table, linen/ towel closet, and many more. Special for walk in shower, a corner walk in shower is well recommended to save the space.

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