Wall Texture Options for Walls’ Ultimate and Stylish Look

raw concrete wall in natural gray modern accent pendant in light gray modern chair in gray Pinterest

There are several options of wallcovering that can altering the walls into a stylish one. Each idea can help you to get the creative and aesthetic interior wall design. It’s optional to choose the wallcovering you wanna apply for your walls. You have stone cladding, upcycled palettes, ceiling medallions, stencils, book pages, chalkboard paintings, fabric panelings, and wall tiles. Most of these wallcoverings make fun for your wall treatment projects, so don’t be hesitated to choose one that’s the best for your home. Be ready to get the most beautiful texture and color to your all homes’  walls. Here, I’ve collected ten best ideas of wallcovering you can try out for your home.

The first idea of textured wall is the concrete wall panel with bare surface. This is innovative and original in which the wall panel is using the raw concrete. Its gray shade and roughness obviously bring a masculine look.

Actually, the surface of wall isn’t smooth yet clean look. Even, it’s subtle in texture, creating a unique finish for wall panel. Of course it would be a great idea to apply this for a clean look with a minor texture.

Rough texture sometimes becomes the best alternative for an accent wall like this one. It offers a unique surface to touch. Also, it’s visually interesting due to its barely gray shade that fits any other shades including metallic and neutrals.

contemporary wall texture in stone finish contemporary concrete stairs with clear glass railing system contemporary wooden console table


This is another best contemporary wall texture. Finished in stones, this wall is designed in minimalist yet still displaying the genuine character, tone, and texture of natural stones. It looks gorgeous when being featured with contemporary furnishing pieces like this wooden console table.

It seems like this wall texture is built from the mixture of clay and stones in white. It offers the obvious texture of stones yet still be clean look. This idea actually suits all bright and clean-look interiors with a bit of texture and dimension.

Presenting two shades of tile is a good idea to create a textural wall panel. Apply those different tiles in the same spot and see the result; it’s simple yet stands out the space. With brass finish additions, this bathroom has been transformed into a luxurious one. The greenery also plays a significant role in this place; it’s refreshing and brings a natural nuance in this room.

wall texture in white made of porcelain with wavy patterns


It’s called the wavy tiles. The surface is a 3D porcelain with wavy texture, so it gives a unique texture to any interior styles. This is very recommended for clean and minimalist interior homes with a simple accent texture on the walls.

Rocky wall texture in contemporary living room. If you wanna apply the natural materials like the natural rocks in your contemporary home, this idea is worth to try out. The surface clearly adds the original shade and texture of the natural rocks, giving a highlight to this living room.

Reclaimed wood paneling for accent wall is also recommended to you who want to insert a natural statement in your contemporary or modern interiors. This wall paneling consists of wood stacked pieces that have been arranged regularly into a beautifully textured surface.

Pine planks in whitewashed finish become another best option for a simple and stylish wall texture. This is the instant way to achieve a shabby chic look.

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