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white bedding treatment white top bedside tables houseplants on woven planter light wood floors dramatic dusty white wall draperies Pinterest

Huge Platform Bed Frame With Potted Houseplants And Mattress With Crisp White Bedding Treatment
Bed Frame With Moon Headboard In Gold Tone Tree Trunk Bedside Table Crisp White Bedding Treatment And Pillows
Floor Bed Idea With White Duvet Cover And Pillows Peach Pillows Peach Area Rug With Fringed Trims
White Duvet Cover With Modern Accent Patterns In Black And Big Pom Poms Semi Shag Rug With Modern Patterns Macrame Wall Art Wooden Nightstand
Lightweight Duvet Cover In White White Pillows White Linen Bedspread Wooden Bed Frame White Shag Rug Runner
White Duvet Cover White Pillows Light Brown Area Rug With Fringed Trims Tropical Houseplants Metal Wall Art
Wall Art With Butterfly Prints White Bedding Treatment White Shag Rug Runner Wooden Stool With Square Top
Modern Boho Bedroom With Multicolored Rug Dusty White Duvet Cover With Tassels Wood Framed Mirror And Some Houseplants
Crisp White Comforter With Waves
White Bedding Treatment White Top Bedside Tables Houseplants On Woven Planter Light Wood Floors Dramatic Dusty White Wall Draperies

Bedroom as the private space should be the reflection of the owner. That’s why the interior fills with the bedroom essentials with personal touch. Besides, the bedroom should offer the coziest space to nap and to relax, and to get the perfect sleeping area, it’s important to consider some aspects including the splash of color schemes. As white lover, I try to share my favorite white bedroom inspirations to you. White means bright, well-lighted, soothing, and welcoming. It’s perfect to relax and to fit any furniture styles. Follow this page to see more inspirations of white bedroom ideas you may adopt to your bedroom.

It’s so simple and inviting – white bedding featuring fresh and vivid houseplants and dramatic wall draperies. I see the green highlight on the houseplants; it’s standout and visually makes alive statement in this bedroom. The leaves of houseplants are beautifully contradictive to all bright pieces including the bedding. What a perfect spot to sleep.

To get a bit of tone addition, we need to add some color scheme to our white bedroom. By covering up the floors with such a beautiful rug, we can save the space from the boring look. Wall art addition also sounds good to add to the walls for more interesting wall look.

Big pom poms are the highlighters in this space and they’re able to attract everyone’s eyes including me. Actually, the bedroom is simple but the designer also puts the simple accent patterns to the duvet cover that really deliver the modern look. I’m also interesting in the rug and wall art options; they really work in this space, at least they’re giving other tones to this bedroom.

What a amazing bed frame. Consisted of two platform beds, the bed offers larger space to put the mattress, also provides more space for some houseplants and their huge planters. Crisp white bedding treatment is always perfect to create a dramatically clean-look space to nap. I love the messy bed linen; it looks so natural yet comfortable.

If you wanna try another interior style for your bedroom, modern Boho with natural touch is really recommended to you. It offers you a simple and clean-look space of interior but you’ll also get textural color and natural accent found in wooden furniture. Overall, the space looks warmer and more inviting with this decorating idea.

Butterfly wall art as the backdrop of the bed is genius idea to break the tired white interior setting. The dark color on butterfly prints offers another color scheme to this bedroom. This is the proof that the simplest piece can be the most effective solution to give any space the ultimate look and style.

Looks expensive and classy. The moon headboard here is leveling up the space where it looks much more aesthetic and stylish. The headboard also gives uniqueness we’ll never find in other bedroom designs.

Don’t need a bed frame? Want to try a floor bed for more relaxing nap spot? Maybe this idea fits your dream bedroom. Yes, it’s simpler and more practical. Even it’s informal and usable for another alternative like as the reading nook and ‘Netflixing’ spot.

White comforter with waves. The bed cover of course offers you different sensation when sinking deeply on it. Its smooth and warm surface brings you the best experience of nap. Its cotton material makes it cooler when used during summer.

Lightweight duvet cover can also be best alternative for comfy and warm bed cover option. Make it as perfect complementary item for your white bedspread product; now you’ve got the best spot to cuddle in.

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