Lovely White Nursery with Beautiful Design

Baby is an amazing gift for you that can beautify your life. You should prepare a room for him/her and design the baby’s room, but it is not an easy task. You can choose various designs depends on your preference or the gender of your baby. However, if you still have no idea for the theme, you can select white nursery design.

The white nursery design can create calmness and coziness that are suitable for raising a baby. Moreover, it also makes the room looks larger and brighter. Despite of placing all-white furniture, you can combine the white items with cream or light brown color. Like a picture above, you can pick a wooden white crib with a brown patterned cotton bed sheet for adorable combination. Adding some ribbons on the side of the crib is also a good decorating idea. The cream wall, white wooden cabinet, white curtains, white wooden shelves, and white armchair blend well with a brown patterned rug. The rug becomes the focal point of the room.

A mirror and several paintings with white frames on the wall, also gold and silver cages above the shelf are clever yet beautiful decorations. Those items give an elegant touch for the nursery. Teddy bears or other dolls are other cute and useful decorations because your baby can play with the dolls later. The room will be looked boring if you do not put any decoration in it. However, you should place decoration far from your baby’s reach so it will not harm him/her.


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