How to Make White Washed Wood Floors?

White washed wood floors look so interesting, indeed. It provides simple but elegant look to your floor. If you want to remodel your floors with such type of wood floor, you can do it by yourself. To start with, there are a lot of stuffs or supplies you’ll need. The stuffs are the pieces of unfinished wood floors, a pair of gloves, microfiber cloth, sponges, and one gallon of white wiping stain, rags, grey latex interior paint with two shades, paint brushes, and polyurethane.

How to get the white washed wood floors is began by assessing your wood floors. To make easier in affording the white washed floor look, you should asses the light-color wood floors like ash or maple. They work best for this project. The wood floors must be in unfinished version. If you have the old wood floors with finishing, you can use sand them to remove the existing finishing. Then, clean the wood floors by using a vacuum cleaner then wipe them down with the microfiber cloth. Second step, start from the corner. Wipe the sponge into the wiping stain then apply it into 2×4 foot of section of wood floor.

Third, before the paint is dry, please wipe down dry sponge into most of stained wood floors. Use different sponge to wipe it. Fourth, remove the streaks by using dry rags. The result will be a soft white film. Repeat the step 2 to step 4 till the whole floors are white-washed. Let them to dry in one night.

Fifth, to create deeper white-washed tone on your wood floors, apply two shades of grey paints into the white-washed. Get the perfect look by using the coarse-bristle brushes. These brushes are also used to give darker shade of grey paint to a 2×4 foot floor. But make sure that you use different brushes to apply the darker and light grey paint to the floors. The meeting point of darker and light grey paint on the floors becomes the accent to the floors. The last, let them to dry at least six hours then coat them a clear polyurethane layer to the whole surface of wood floors. The project of constructing the white washed wood floors is done.


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