Wicker Table Lamps Concept

Lighting is not always chandelier on your room ceiling, it can also about your table lamp or floor lamp. People sometimes forget about how good their room with existing table lamps. Give you room warm sense by using table lamps. Table lamps are also completing your side table in living room and bedroom. Table lamp is very useful as your bedroom light addition if you love to sit on your bed for reading your favourite books.

Table lamps design as you can see in every room now is very simple. There is one type of table lamp with unique and antique looks for adding cool decoration of lighting, it is called wicker table lamp. Wicker table lamps are cool design lamp with cool wicker too on it. The wicker part is created with best quality of rattan only. If you see how pretty natural rug with rattan material, then you can see that pretty looks on table lamps too.

Table lamps with wicker style will give you awesome mixing of textures and colors. If you try to put wicker table lamps on your side table, make sure it is proportionate between table lamps size and side table size. Then how about wicker table lamps color? If you want to show its original rattan color, then choose one with original rattan without any furnishing addition.

Look at your room then consider which room part that needs warm table lamps. It is not recommended to have a lot of table lamps numbers, in one room, two table lamps are well enough.

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