Wonderful Ideas for Your Hallway

Hallway can be more just a room connecting the entrance and other rooms. You can make it as a small library or display room, so it can be functioned fully. By making your hallway into a useful section of your home, you can make your house more attractive and save more space. Here are some inspirations for you who want to create a hardworking hallway.

The first matter that you have to consider is, no matter your hallway will become into, you need to let the hallway has at least 36 inches in width in order to create comfortable access. Design idea that fits for small hallway is adding a wall-mounted cabinet. The hidden cabinet is very useful storage if you have many things to keep. Moreover, you still can add your family photos or other wall decorations at the above. If you have difficulties in installing the cabinet, or your hallway is in tricky space, you can hire cabinetmaker instead of doing it by yourself. You can also make your hallway as library by adding open, floating, or bracket bookshelves on both or either side of the wall. If your hallway has window, you can make a window seat as the place for reading the books. Remember that you also need light fixtures on the window seat for the night reading.

Making your hallway into clothes storage is also a brilliant idea. Whether you have a small storage for your clothes in your bedroom or you have a bunch of clothes that does not fit anymore in your closet, your hallway will present you a big help. If the hallway has low traffic, you can install open closet. In denial, closed storage is fitting for big traffic hallway. Moreover, it looks neater and elegant.

Reference: houzz.co.uk

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