Wonderful Home Bar Designs for Cool & Stylish Entertainment Space

superlarge and fancy home bar design longer counter in white with under shiny panel modern white bar stools wooden shelves with textured and lighted wall background Pinterest

If you like building and connecting the best experience related to drinks and friends, bars are the perfect place we’re talking about, but if you want to have the same moments at home, home bar is the best answer. This place is amazingly matches for many purposes including to entertain your guests, to be the favorite spot to sit and to run out the drink, and even to level up your home especially dealing with the home’s value. Here, I’ve shared ten best ideas of kitchen or home bars probably suiting your personal choice. Let’s check one by one, and be ready to adore them just in a minute.

Really fantastic. This home bar looks so original and simply modern; all elements play important role both in function and aesthetic quality. I really adore the colors applied in each piece. The hardwood panel, really I don’t know what the function is, but it stands out the space. Even, it adds the natural touch in the whole space.

Really fall in love with this small home bar featuring pastel stools. It’s fantastic and visually unique with creative chalkboard shelving unit. Black finish works well in making all elements contradictive; it also creates a black-white look in whole bar space.

Super large and fancy. It must be cool to adopt this bar design to your home. Along the counter, you’ll find fantastic light effect produced by the hidden lamp. The lighting is warm and elegant as classy as the bar stools. Look at the wall background of the drink shelves. It’s beautifully textured and shiny, automatically elevating the space’s value.

Furnish your new home bar with this adorable stool. I really love the design exposing the tall legs and ergonomic seat. The color, golden ochre, is also classy, fitting any bar styles.

Small and practical. Even you can make this by your own. The design is actually modern and simple but the pallet finishing reminds us about rustic. Both stools and counter obviously keep exposing the original tone and texture of organic wooden. Hard iron-base stools also deal with industrial style.

I think this expensive home bar delivers the masculine vibe that can be instantly indicated from the color, storage, and furniture choices. All elements are so simple and functional.

Honestly, I love the display ‘board’ made from mosaic tiles. It’s artsy and perfect as the backdrop for all drink bottles. This could be genius idea for highlighting your drink collections.

White finishing becomes the most effective solution to bring a clean and modern coastal bar to your home. Use other light color shades like soft gray, washed-finishes, and light wood for warm and comfy nuance in the bar. Black floors? They’re contradictive but I think it’s essential to try out as they give a beautiful base to the whole space.

Ultra-modern kitchen bar idea with super-neat design. All-flat wooden wall here has a medium-size recessed shelf for liquors and friends. Such kind of minimalist and clean storage idea is potentially becoming the most standout display for your worthy drinks. Black counter and stools offer much of luxury as well as high-class style.

Always think smart – optimizing every inch of space under the stairs for functional home bar. Limited space isn’t a big matter. You can make it as the most inviting spot. Just support the space with some essentials such as two rows of single wood shelf and mini counter plus cabinets. Use hardwood material for natural and warm look.

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