Wood Ceiling Planks Design

Wood floor is ordinary thing, but how about wood on your home ceiling? Wood ceiling usually comes from showing the beams. Big and large beams will show up your ceiling nicely with rustic and classic style. It is not only about exposing beams, you can apply wood ceiling by sticking it on your ceiling rightly. It is same as making hardwood floor but different area. You don’t have to redesign your home ceiling architecture, you can make wood ceiling planks on your existing home ceiling.

Wood ceiling planks need accurate measurement of your room ceiling length and wide. After measurement, you need to choose the wood planks. Ask the shop about your purpose of making wood ceiling planks, then they will bring special wood which is the best for home ceiling. You can choose to paint the wood planks or let its natural wood color decorates your ceiling. Measure and cut the wood planks based on your ceiling size.

The most important to do is installing the wood planks. It is better for you to do it with your family helps so it can be finished faster. Pay attention to some hole electricity of light fixtures, cutting the wood planks well according to it. Covering nail holes can be done by thin ceiling paint.

Nail holes is small but if the numbers is much enough to see, it will make your ceiling looks bad. Tidy up your ceiling by setting the lighting. Good lighting will complete your wood ceiling planks design.

reference: houzz.com

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