The Best Choice of Wood File Cabinet for Your Home Office

You are a hard worker, and you must have a lot of jobs and have so many files to be saved. Where do you place your files anyway? Those files must be important, so you have to keep it in a right and safe place. One thing that you have to do is by making or buying a file cabinet. There are so many file cabinets that can be used, in this case we only discuss about wood file cabinet. How does it look like?

Let us start from the first sample showed in this picture. There are three cabinets with the same design, but they have different height. The first cabinet has four drawers, the second has three drawer, and the last has two drawer. Those cabinets are all made of wood and each drawer has a handle. Those seem like a modern wooden file cabinet design. However, there is other cabinet which is also made of wood, but it has classic design. This cabinet showed in the picture has only two drawer. The body is painted in old brown coloring.

What about a file cabinet with a large design? You can see the sample in the picture, there is big file cabinet which is made of wood and has eight drawers. This classic cabinet looks so adorable with earth tone old brown wooden coloring concept. The earlier samples have metal handle, but this big file cabinet has wooden handle with built in design. Let us compare with one file cabinet which has modern concept. This cabinet showed in the picture has white coloring design with two drawers. Thus, this low file cabinet has button handle made of metal. It is quite spacious on the cabinet, so you can place something on the cabinet head like a decoration probably.


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